ACL offers a wide range of non-slip flooring, industrial safety flooring, stair treads, stair tread covers, metal staircases and cable trays made of various materials.
We can prepare the production of your stair treads using the same metal as the your staircase, using different designs and production materials. Metal staircases, cable trays or whatever your non-slip surface project – our job is to offer you a safe and stylish solution.

Non-Slip Steps

ACL can provide you with different types of non-slip industrial safety flooring; non-slip treads and slatted floors for indoor and outdoor use. All products are custom built using steel, galvanised steel, stainless steel and aluminium).
Our Non-Slip surfaces are punched and folded and can be made with different types of non-slip patterns. They can also be personalised and are suitable for running boards (vehicles), fire-escape staircases, metal staircases and Ski Resorts etc.

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Industrial Staircases

Here at ACL, staircase design is not one of our main areas of expertise. Even so, working as a subcontractor we are able to produce high quality anti-slip steps and treads in various sizes. ACL can also produce stair stringers, stair posts and stair railings that can also be used as communication objects for your company.
Whether it be a staircase for an industrial building, a metal staircase for a mobile office (portakabin) or a fire-escape staircase: ACL is a partner of choice for all your projects.

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Metal Staircases

With our high performing machine base combining numerous technologies, we could become your privileged subcontractor for metal staircases.
Made partly of steel, stainless steel or of aluminium, with a central stair stringer, 1 or 2 stair stringers or with straight or spiral stringers, your staircase can be customised to suit your taste.

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Cable Ducts/Trays

Planning to route cables in channels under the floor in an industrial cable tray with a perforated anti-slip cover? Looking for non-slip metal covers to protect your cable channels? ACL has custom made solutions for all your needs.
Protect your electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic networks from deterioration. Our Steel galvanised steel, stainless steel or aluminium perforated removable covers or fixed covers will protect your cable channels and cable trays.

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