ACL offers a wide range of security fencing, railing, perforated sheeting, facade and indoor cladding systems and cache containers. Available in steel, stainless steel or Corten steel and customisable so as to have unique mix that blends perfectly into its surroundings.
Give your indoor and outdoor spaces the prestige they deserve with our metallic solutions without neglecting safety or the environment.
Be more daring with decorative shadow patterns (depending on the light exposure) and skilful communication tools. Our versatile fencing solutions are suitable for use in all environments.
We can also produce custom made fencing according to your needs.

Wire Mesh Fencing

Whether it be for separation fences, screens, swimming pool safety fences or for securing specific areas, our wire mesh fencing fits perfectly into any environment, giving it that special touch. We are able to produce fences out of different metals with a wide range of surface treatment so as to make maintenance easier. Design patterns for fences can be produced in different formats and can be used for other products.

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Modern fencing

Whether it’s to protect your privacy, to define the borders of your property or to prevent access to undesirable intrusions - our fences are for you! Our modern and trendy fencing will add a touch of class to your surroundings while also respecting the environment.
ACL has a large range of designs and patterns to choose from. Why not make your fence an instantly recognisable reference point for your house, factory or municipal premises?
This range can be used for swimming pool safety fences, city fencing, privacy screens, gateways, balconies, metallic passageway panels, security fencing and much more.

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Facade Cladding

ACL metal facade cladding can give your shop, factory, building or residence a unique touch, making it instantly recognisable.
ACL Indoor and outdoor cladding can also be used for modern trellised panels, metallic passageway panels, privacy screens, metal tiles for false ceilings and many other applications.
Designer sunscreens and decorative items can also be used as excellent communication mediums. Transform your premises into a place of excellence and style with our designer facade cladding. ALC offers an extensive range of patterns and designs using different colours and metals (steel, aluminium, stainless steel and Corten steel).

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Perforated Sheeting

ACL Perforated Sheets are available in a range of different metals and finishes. Lots of styles and applications are possible due to the fact that the sheets can be perforated at more or less regular intervals with numerous patterns available.
Perforated sheeting lends a unique style to objects used for interior design, facade decoration and metallic equipment protectors. Give life to your buildings by playing subtly with decorative shadow patterns. Our perforated sheeting can be found on the side of stairways or gateways, protective panels, sun screens, privacy screens, balconies and anti-vandal cladding panels.
Let us help you to create the most suitable pattern or designs for your different structures.

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ACL offers a range of both traditional and original metal railings (stainless steel, steel, aluminium and Corten steel) that will suit your balconies, window guardrails, gateways, stair railing and much more. Let us help you find the solution best adapted to your needs for either standard models or custom made structures.
Your separation fence will become an original structure that is both safe and reliable. Fences can be produced in different versions for an overall harmonisation and adapted when necessary to suit your needs.

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