Our Areas of activity

ACL is a subcontractor specialised in the design and construction of both standard and specific metallic compositions (Steel, Stainless-Steel, Aluminium and Corten steel).

From the very beginning of a project, we work with Ironworkers, architects, local authorities, manufacturers and private customers to provide our expertise and advice regarding your assemblies. This means that you obtain your required design without neglecting the safety aspect.


Thanks to our large array of state of the art machinery we can bring your creative projects to life, giving you your own unique style that can be integrated seamlessly into the surrounding area.

We can industrialise all your requests, creating made-to-measure designs and parts from plans, sketches or photographs.
ACL also has a large quantity of materials to choose from and can provide quotes for parts and services.
After, all you have to do is confirm the quote in order to start the production of the finished or semi-finished part (excluding welding, surface treatment and installation). ACL provides unequalled performance and quality.
Your bespoke entrance gate, fencing, street furniture, facade cladding and mural decoration will provide value-adding architectural features and greatly enhance your industrial buildings, individual houses and public spaces.

Take advantage of our full range of modern machinery, sheet metal/ tube laser cutting machines, Bending presses and Panelling systems to get exactly what you are looking for in terms of shape and design.
We are unbeatable for accuracy, repeatability and for quick assembly of single parts to serial production. And all this with a large range of materials to choose from!