ACL is the leading bespoke Entrance Gate subcontractor on the market. Our bespoke gates are available in a range of building materials: Steel, Corten Steel, Stainless steel or Aluminium.
We can help you design your project from the beginning. We'll help you customise the gates, automate your sliding or swing gates, choose the best base plates for security gates and select the style of railing best suited to your project.
We produce gate frames made from laser-cut hollow sections and also produce laser-cut base plates and panels. Your logo, design or silhouette can be incorporated into the metal panels of the gate for unparalleled result with quick and easy assembly.
Metalworkers, architects, and private customers: let ACL become your partner of choice in the development of your products! Designer metal products that fit well into their environment but won't go unnoticed!

Swing Gates

We produce Swing-gates, Hinged-gates, Swing-leaf gates in different styles and sizes (Steel, stainless steel and aluminium). Whether it be for a complete gate, or just the frame, ACL can provide different shapes and designs, metal panelling, metal bars, posts, panels and decorative rods. These parts can be itemised and customised.
ACL has solutions for whatever sort of Swing-gate project you have in mind. Choose a style that you like, or bring us a photo or drawing of a specific design and we'll provide you with a product that is sure to enhance its surroundings.

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Sliding Gates

Adapt your sliding gate to a gate opening with a design that will enhance the overall impression of your house, industrial facility or shop. ACR will advise and accompany you in the creation of a complete assembly or for the production of specific parts.
ACR Sliding Gates can be made from Steel, Stainless steel or Aluminium and are cut using laser-cutting machines with unparalleled accuracy, repeatability and finish.
We can also customise your Sliding Gate - according to your taste and guidelines – with metal sheet panels or with designs, patterns or frescos.

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Base Plates for Gates

For metalworkers or private customers interested in installing Sliding Gates or Swing Gates: ACL has a range of Base Plates for gates which can be adapted to your specifications.
Not only do we have a large range of available designs - we can also create new designs or patterns from a photo or idea that will give your house that special touch.
Of course the same designs/patterns can also be reproduced on your metal railings for a homogeneous finish.

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Security Fencing

Our Security Fences and window guards can be made from Steel, Stainless steel and Aluminium. Of course they will protect you from burglars, but we can also combine this security feature with a design that will beautify your surroundings. They can even be personalised.
We can provide security fencing in the form of mesh panels or designer vertical bar fencing.

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Window Guard Rails

Our Window guards and Window rails can be laser-cut out of various metals such as Steel, Stainless steel and Aluminium. Window guards and rails can be easily customised to your specifications.
As well as protecting people from falls, our Window guards will enhance the look of your home and the same designs/patterns can also be reproduced on your security fence and gate.

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