ACL offers a full range of metal street furniture. We can accompany and advise you throughout the development of your projects or adapt the design and scale of our products to suit your needs.
Choose from contemporary or modern street furniture designs and a variety of production techniques for the following customisable products: Pedestrian Guardrails and bollards, tree surrounds and planters. ACL Street furniture can be a powerful communication tool for Local Authorities and companies while always blending perfectly into its surroundings.


Benches, seats, wall-mounted seats, armchairs and deck chairs are an integral part of street furniture.
ACL street furniture brings added value to its environment as well as providing a comfortable place to sit down.
Our benches are made from laser-cut metal that is then bent into shape. ACL can adapt their metal bench designs to suit any environment and to develop new models as requested.
After, we can add village names, street names, public area names and even company logos to the backrests and legs of the benches.

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Pedestrian Guardrails

Trying to organise public spaces or areas frequented by the public? Our Railing and Pedestrian Guardrails allow to you to map out these areas and make them safer.
All our guardrails are cut by laser (sheet/tube), which allows us to customise them to your requirements while also rendering them highly resistant. E.g. Choose guardrails decorated with musical notes for outside a music school and guardrails decorated with children for in front of a school. The possibilities are almost endless!

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Tree Grates/surrounds and Guards

Round, rectangular or square, ACL metal tree grates and guards protect the development of trees in our cities while also protecting pedestrians and motorists.
As well as protecting the trees from multiple threats, our metal tree grates and guards will beautify your public spaces and gardens.
At ACL we are specialists in this field and have great experience providing metal tree grates and guards well suited to your needs and environment.
These products can also be customised with company logos or local authority logos.

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Equipped with laser tube cutting machines for small and large tube sizes (610mm diameter with maximum length of 12m), ACL can develop the barrier posts or bollards that you require to the highest safety standards.
Bollards and barrier posts are indispensable for fencing off pedestrian areas from traffic zones.
They can be made in different sizes and finishes out of steel, stainless steel and aluminium.

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Flower Pots / Planters

The innovative design of our planters, flower boxes, orange boxes and metal flower pots makes them both pleasing to the eye and a favourable environment for plants.
All our planters and flowerpots are cut out of sheet metal and bent into shape. As they are customisable products, they can work as powerful communication tools while also preserving the environment in which they are implanted.
Whatever your flower project, we can satisfy your needs both visually and dimensionally with our range of planters, flower pots and orange boxes.

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Manhole Covers

ACL galvanised steel manhole covers are punched out of sheet metal and then bent into shape. They are available in all shapes and sizes. Our manhole covers can be customised by embossing the design/ markings of your choice.
Big or small, our manhole covers can be used as removable covers for different sectors.
Different metal types available.

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